Monday, April 12, 2010

"You talk too much"...

A hoarse voice, a sore throat, and we just usually shrug our shoulders and wait some days for it to get well. But a week after, and it's still not improving. A month, and it actually seems to be worse.

Until it is too late...

"A throat examination after a change in the voice lasting longer than one month is especially important for smokers, to exclude the really dangerous problems such as throat cancer. Early detection will certainly increase the effectiveness of treatment..."

And then a visit to the doctor's clinic reveals something more, and it could have been avoided altogether. But, it's too late.

We'd usually procrastinate, or worse, we deny that there is a problem. And time is commonly of the essence - as arresting a disease at its earliest stage, or at the first symptoms, we have a better chance of recovering or getting well. So if we tarry on, it may spell disaster for us.

Am I talking too much already?

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