Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ask the doc: Pap smear test

This seems to be a follow-up question from the other day's edition of the daily. It's good, since those who may not be falling in the other category may be in this type of case.

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Pap smear test

Query from Joyce
I would like to seek your advice on whether women who have already removed their womb need to go for Pap smear.

Reply by Dr Joseph Ng,
Consultant Gynecologic Oncologist,
National University Cancer Institute, Singapore

Whether a woman continues to go for Pap smears depends on why the womb was removed. Women who have had a hysterectomy (surgery to remove the womb) for cancer or pre-cancer will need to continue having Pap smears as these conditions tend to recur or appear again at the top of the vagina where Pap smear tests will continue to be collected from after the surgery. For women who have had the same surgery for other reasons such as for fibroids or heavy menstrual bleeding, then further Pap smears are not required.

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Taken from TODAY, Health - Tuesday, 20-April-2010