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Prostate Cancer Treatment

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This is another one of the cancer information series that I am covering: PROSTATE CANCER.

If there is one thing that we want in our age and time now, it is the cure for cancer. As one author said, patients afflicted with cancer usually go down not because of the cancer itself, but due to the complications of the administration of 'known cures' and the side effects that it brings.

Once again, be warned, that while these pieces of information may be useful, seek first the advice of your medical doctor before taking the next step.

Be healthy!

Alternative Breakthrough Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Your alternative breakthrough treatment for prostate cancer is to follow the encouraging example of John Fox. He has shown the way for baby boomers to respond proactively to the dreaded diagnosis and beat it with a combination of techniques.

Active Personal Internet Research on Alternative Treatments

In 2003 John Fox received the diagnosis no baby boomer wants to hear. Prostate cancer. John's first technique was determination to use the Internet to get the information needed to make informed decisions about the intervention needed to rid his body of this unwanted visitor.

Once the traditional intevention had been presented by his urologist he decided he didn't want the side effects of incontinence and impotence.

His Internet research revealed a little known technique called LRPS. John discovered laproscopic radical prostatectomy is a precision micro surgery procedure. What impressed this baby boomer most was the patient recovery period was only a fraction of other traditional methods. Better still the likelihood of incontinence and impotence
was greatly reduced.

Never Give Up

Dr. Patrick Walsh's Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer, Second EditionAt this stage John had become a highly motivated researcher on prostate cancer interventions.

He made two more discoveries because of his "digging down." He found the ideal doctor living less than a half hour drive from his New Jersey home.

The second discovery was this doctor had developed an improved system for LRPS treatment. It uses robotics for high level of surgical precision.

John's treatment saw him out of hospital the day after surgery and total recovery time was less than four weeks.

You can be blessed by this breakthough treatment for prostate cancer. Embrace John's belief that your personal Internet research is able to help you find the best alternative treatment by a leading urologist (the name of John's is Doctor Michael Esposito) using the latest technology.

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Alternative Breakthrough Treatment for Prostate Cancer