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On the spot: MGN-3

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This is an article that could be categorized as one that is 'controversial' - its claims are what we would want most for a cancer cure:
  • cheap
  • effective
  • abundant
  • easily accessible

While we all want that, believing everything that we see and hear may actually lead us to conditions worse than before, and our life would have been bitter afterward.

In the light of providing information, this article, and Ezine original, is brought to you, so you are aware of one such drug that claims miraculous cancer cure - and natural at that - no surgery, but all from organic sources, which makes it all the more popular (or un-popular).

Read on, but before taking the next step, DO CONSULT AND DISCUSS WITH YOUR DOCTOR.

Be healthy!

One thing that is very important to successfully fight against cancer, is a strong immune system. People know that a strong immune system is essential to fight against viruses and bacteria, the same can be said about cancer, at least according to Dr. Ghoneum. Who is a research immunologist and an expert in the field of cancer immune therapy, which is a form of therapy, that uses biological response modifiers to activate Natural Kill (NK) cells in the body to fight against cancer cells.
An Extremely Effective Natural Colon Cancer Treatment!

The most common treatment for colon cancer is surgery and the adjacent lymph nodes, the tumor, a small margin of the surrounding healthy bowel, are removed in the surgery. The long-term prognosis depend on whether the cancer has spread to other organs. Patients who's cancer is limited to the superficial layer of the bowel wall, have a 80% survival rate. But there are many colon cancer natural treatment options, that can increase the changes of survival significantly. In this article I am going to introduce one!

Natural colon cancer treatment

  • For a long time the problem was that these biological response modifiers (BRM), were to toxic and could not be used. But eventually Dr. Ghoneum discovered and researched a natural, non-toxic BRM, called the MGN-3. The reason why MGN-3 is so important, is because it increases the activity of NK cells and these cells are on the front line in the battle against cancer.
  • Dr. Ghoneum has observed that when MGN-3 is administered, then the NK cells become rapacious in their search-and-destroy activities. The Natural Kill cells attach themselves to the membrane of the cancer cells, when they encounter a cancer cell. Then they inject cytoplasmic granules to the target and withing just a couple of minutes the cancer cell is dead.
  • The best time to take MGN-3 is during debulking or right after that. For example after surgery the cancer cells are extremely low, so therefore the NK cells can be more effective. Every NK cell can destroy around 27 cancer cells. MGN-3 also reduce the side-effects of cancer. It is very hard to eliminate 100% of the cancer cells of the body, without killing the patient. Therefore MGN-3 is a very important natural colon cancer treatment, because it helps to eliminate the few cancer cells, that have got away.
  • Very often the chemotherapy drugs also weaken the immune system and when the cancer returns, then it is much more vicious. MGN-3 is not something that should replace the common treatments, like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, because when the cancer greatly outnumber the Natural Kill cells, then they can not win, even if their activity has been increased by MGN-3. This is just one example of the many natural colon cancer treatment options.

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An Extremely Effective Natural Colon Cancer Treatment!

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