Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ageless Youth

English: Embryonic Stem Cells. (A) shows hESCs...
English: Embryonic Stem Cells. (A) shows hESCs. (B) shows neurons derived from hESCs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been watching on the development of stem cell researches, and while the promise of healing and becoming young (again), and keeping young seems within reach, results seem elusive.

Then there was adult stem cell, where stem cells are taken from an adult person's fat extracts, and this gave almost everybody the instant hope of being healthy and youthful once again. Like it isn't long ago that umbilical cords were frozen in time, to be taken out for use when needed, but that the majority of the population in the world doesn't even have their umbilical cords in store.

So adult stem cell becomes the most viable solution.

Now, that dream may already be a reality. I attended a seminar that showed videos of the said beauty products and supplements, and even saw it with my own eyes when 3 volunteers were called up front, and Instantly Ageless was put to use!


Similar videos are found in YouTube. You gotta see it to believe it.

And if you want to try it, and any other products, you can get it here.

Can we hear from you? I'm excited, and I'll be waiting.

Till then!