Sunday, September 5, 2010

Superbugs - not in Singapore!

Well, this is a relief! I presently live in this country, and I'm relieved to know that it's not here, no sir!

Plastic surgeons see low risk of catching superbug in S'pore
SINGAPORE : UK scientists have recently uncovered an antibiotic-resistant superbug.

They believe it was brought into Britain by health tourists who had travelled to India or Pakistan for cosmetic surgery.

But plastic surgeons in Singapore say the risk of infection here is low - for now. They say medicated soap and steam cleaners can help to reduce the chances of infection.

And they believe the environment in India and the nature of the surgery may have contributed to the spread of the superbug.

They say major operations would bring a higher risk of infection, while surgeries in small clinics carry less risk.

Dr Chua Jun Jin, a plastic surgeon, said: "This superbug comes (mostly) from invasive procedures, prolonged hospitalisation in an intensive care unit for patients who've been staying there for a long time with multiple diseases, like kidney diseases, diabetes to heart diseases.

"Therefore, when you have surgery in a small clinic, the risk of you contracting this multi-resistant superbug is very small."

Dr Chua also said few Singaporeans go to South Asia for cosmetic surgery. He said some seeking to pay less would go to Thailand or China, while those who want to look like Korean stars would go to South Korea.

However, he urged those who go for plastic surgery abroad to be cautious as they may not know the medical situation there well.

- CNA/al

From; source article is below:Plastic surgeons see low risk of catching superbug in S'pore

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