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Infection from contact lens

Infections from contact lenses up among youths

SINGAPORE : The recall of contact lenses in Singapore is not common, but what is worrying doctors is that the number of students getting infections from it has gone up by 30 per cent due to the lack of hygiene.

Recent reports of eye irritation and discomfort, especially in Japan, have led to the voluntary recall of Acuvue contact lenses by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care.

Earlier, there had been complaints in Japan of unusual stinging or pain upon inserting the lens. Complaints also included redness and irritation.

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care said investigations found an issue in the lens rinsing process during a certain time frame on a particular manufacturing line.

In Singapore, there have so far been no reports of any adverse effects.

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care has distributed 914 boxes of the affected lots, each containing 30 lenses, to optical outlets in Singapore this year. So far, half of the boxes have been recalled.

The manufacturer of the recalled lenses said such incidents are rare. But what is of concern is the increasing number of youths who get infections due to the lack of hygiene or over-wearing their lenses.

Interestingly, doctors said the number of older patients with contact lens infections has gone down.

Dr Tony Ho, ophthalmologist, Eye Care Clinic, said: "It is because the contact lens wearers among the younger population have actually gone up due to the ease of availability of disposable contact lenses and also the low pricing.

"As for the decrease in the older patients I am seeing, I think it is because a large proportion of the older population who wear contact lenses have gone for Lasik surgery."

Dr Ho said users usually suffer from contact lens woes after using it for two or three years.

This happens when one gets older as the tear production goes down and the eyes become less tolerant of the lenses.

Dr Ho explained: "Sometimes, when you wear it for many years, the wearer tends to take it for granted and they are not too particular about the hygiene aspects and tend to over-wear their contact lenses. And also, the eyes tend to become less tolerant of contact lens wear after some time."

Dr Ho also advises consumers to immediately remove contact lenses if they feel any discomfort.

Dr Ho said: "The current case is the problem with the quality of the contact lenses itself, so usually when the wearer pops the contact lens into the eye, he or she would immediately notice some sort of discomfort or stinging sensation.

"In such cases, it makes sense to immediately remove the contact lenses, ease it out with some lubricating drops, and if the problem still persists, the wearer should seek the advice of the doctor and have some medication." - CNA/ms

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