Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yesterday’s news update on H1N1

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Some news from yesterday on H1N1:
  1. 2 more deaths bring H1N1-related fatalities in Singapore to 3
  2. H1N1 flu toll climbs to 700 as schools closure mulled
  3. Taiwan develops new compound to fight H1N1 flu
  4. 3 more patients admitted to ICU with H1N1, 2 in critical condition

Deaths from H1N1, in many cases, can be avoided. Some patients don't pay attention, and don't seek medical assistance, until it is too late. In most casualty cases, the patients have underlying medical conditions. H1N1 behaves like AIDS – makes you weak at your vulnerabilities and infirmities.

Schools still get closed, to mitigate the spread of the virus.

And if Taiwan succeeds in their endeavour, hopefully it will be good for the whole world. As one minister said in last night's news, 'you have friends to tell you what works and what doesn't'. The whole world is together in the fight against H1N1.

May we win!