Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Toxic chemical in medicine

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Another one of those 'accidents', and the damage is done, irreversible, irreparable…

DHAKA - The Bangladeshi authorities yesterday said that they had found traces of a toxic chemical in paracetamol syrup believed to have killed two dozen children in the past six weeks.

Health Minister AFM Ruhul Haq said investigators had found diethyl glycol in the locally-produced syrup.

"We conducted two tests on the paracetamol syrup and each time we found diethyl glycol. It's a toxic chemical used in the textile and leather dyeing industries. It damages your kidneys if you consume it," the minister said.

Mr Haq said that, instead of mixing the paracetamol with propylene glycol, which is used as a solvent in paracetamol syrup, the drug-maker added the toxic chemical because it is 10 times cheaper.

The 24 children who died were aged between one and five and came from Comilla, where the drug company concerned has been shut down.

Police are hunting for the company's owners and pharmacists. AFP

From TODAY, World – Wednesday, 29-Jul-2009