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Stress and Health - two extremes of the scale

A toddler girl cryingImage via WikipediaWhen you are overly stressed, you are low-down unhealthy... so this study finds.

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Posted by Staff on Feb 23rd, 2011

A new study by the University of Pittsburgh concludes, people’s emotional response may affect how their body reacts to stress.
To reach that conclusion, researchers had participants in the study make a video recorded speech in a laboratory in front of a panel of judges.
The physical responses of the individuals were monitored during the speech, then they were later asked about the emotions they were feeling while making their speech.
Individuals who reported experiencing high levels of anger and anxiety after delivering their speech had greater increases in interleukin-6, compared to the participants who reportedly remained relatively calm. Interleukin-6 is a marker of inflammation.
The researchers said, these findings may explain why some people who experience high levels of stress also experience chronic health problems.
The findings of the study is published in the February issue of Brain, Behavior, and Immunity.

Taken from; source article is below:
New Study Concludes High Stress Levels Linked To Chronic Health Issues

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