Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mental Health on Abortion and Childbearing

ABORTION // Fetus & MoronImage by 666isMONEY ☮ ♥ & ☠ via FlickrI have been seeing in the news, what is being discussed most, is all about mental health.

And lately, I have seen that they are trying to link or delink mental health with abortion, especially among the teens.

There's even one article that says, 'abortion does not cause mental health, but having babies does.' I don't know what you'd think about that. But maybe, we are a generation that want to sever the connections with the past, cut the umbilical cords altogether now.

I remember what the 'BiCentennial Man' said, "I understand why some animals eat their young," and if that were a relevant statement now, what can be the judgement: that those who go for abortion as more mentally fit than those who go through the process of childbearing, to child rearing?

Look at these articles, and have your say:
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