Friday, November 12, 2010

Latest Health News around the world

Lost in bugsImage by Scientific deliriums via FlickrHere are some of the latest health news around the world...

The death toll from the cholera epidemic in Haiti has risen to 644, amid fears that the disease could spread rapidly now it has arrived in the capital, Port-au-Prince.

The ministry of health said the spread of the disease was "a matter of national security", with at least 10,000 people suffering from cholera in hospitals across the country.

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Haiti death toll rises as cholera spreads to Port-au-Prince

Manson's Tropical Diseases: Expert Consult BasicJUBA, Sudan — An outbreak of a parasitic tropical disease has killed more than 300 people in Southern Sudan — and the worst of the health crisis is yet to come, officials say.

The World Health Organization says the outbreak of kala azar, which began in September 2009 and has intensified in recent months, is the biggest health problem facing Southern Sudan.

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Tropical disease kills 300 in Southern Sudan; more deaths expected from kala azar outbreak

Oxford Handbook of Tropical Medicine (Oxford Handbooks Series)(CNN) -- World health agencies plan to launch a massive polio vaccination in three West African nations, following a fast-moving and especially virulent outbreak that has already killed 97 people.

Since the first confirmation of polio November 4 in the Republic of Congo, at least 226 people have been diagnosed with acute flaccid paralysis -- a condition commonly associated with polio -- according to the United Nations.

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Fast-moving African polio outbreak kills 97, spurs vaccination drive

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