Sunday, October 17, 2010

New FLEX procedure to correct myopia

I wonder if this technique is available in other countries. I may need to look it up...
SINGAPORE : Correcting vision in a myopic eye used to mean going for LASIK treatment. Now there is an even more advanced alternative that promises to halve the treatment time and cause less discomfort.

Known as FLEX or Femtosecond Lenticule Extraction, this treatment uses just one laser to LASIK's two.

The special VisuMax laser used with FLEX cuts a lens-shaped layer from within the cornea and shapes it to correct vision.

The Singapore National Eye Centre, which has done about 30 such treatments this year, said this works even better with higher degrees of up to 1,000.

The procedure, which has also been tested in other parts of Asia and Europe, is available at around S$2,300 to S$2,500 per eye.

FLEX may even be reversible, which will help those who develop long-sightedness or presbyobia as they age.

Professor Donald Tan, director, Singapore National Eye Centre, said: "Because we are not using the excimer laser to burn away the myopia, but we are actually cutting a lens shape out, we feel we might be able to make use of that again.

"Our research at the Singapore Eye Research Institute is (that) now we have patented a technique where we can actually keep that lens piece, store it for the patient in case later on for whatever reason, maybe you develop "lau hua" (long sightedness) or anything else, we can implant that lens back ... and restore some of the myopia.

"But that still remains to be seen. That's still under research."

- CNA/al

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