Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mobile phones and our hearts

This is now technology to the rescue...

Mobiles to the rescue of heart patients

Clue Heart monitor
A new mobile device originally developed for Mars-bound cosmonauts has now found a more down-to-earth use.

The Clue medical device which has been released in South East Asia, will allow medical specialists to remotely monitor the heart conditions of their patients.

The 8x8cm portable device originally designed and developed in Germany and Austria to monitor the heart rates of cosmonauts on their proposed 2035 mission to Mars, uses sensors to measure the heart and its function.

Being light, weighing just 56 grams, users simply place the device over their heart for two minutes and then click a button to transmit the data collected via the PC or even mobile phones to a remote server to be retrieved by doctors or emergency services.

Decisive Technology president Ernst-Guenter Jung says that the device "allows the doctor to remain in contact with a patient even after they leave the hospital or clinic."

The online information can be used to perform a diagnosis which can be useful for those who need constant follow-up checks or who live in remote areas.

"This allows a patient to check by themselves on their condition and also enables the doctor to observe the stress levels of a patient in their normal life and just not in the clinical environment" says Jung.

Telovital of Austria which developed the product says the technology shows how "mobile telephony and portable sensor technology can be harnessed to potentially save lives".

Yet another reason to always have your mobile by your side. - CNA/sf

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